D3 Pharma

Unmet Need

Vitamin D deficiency is a very common problem worldwide. Most people in the UK and other northern industrial countries have a level of vitamin D in their bodies that is insufficient for optimal bone health. This can lead to significant issues with osteoporosis, hip fracture and, in severe cases, to the development of rickets, a softening of bones (in children) that can cause skeletal fractures and deformity. The low levels of vitamin D are now known also to be potentially associated with a wide spectrum of serious diseases including cancer, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes. The medical consequences of vitamin D deficiency are thus profound and can be effectively addressed with the use of high-strength vitamin D repletion and maintenance regimes. 

D3 Pharma has been actively developing and bring to market high-strength vitamin D3 products to address the unmet need of modern-day vitamin D repletion and maintenance regimes, particularly in patient groups for whom compliance is of paramount clinical importance.